Bespoke Software

Many of our customers have benefited from the software development services we’ve provided. Here are some real life examples of what we’ve done for other businesses:

Board Quoter – A PCB Quote Tool for a PCB Broker in Norfolk.

A basic software tool used to prepare quotations for printed circuit boards. The software maintains a log of all quotations, automatically saving each quotation as a PDF file on disk and also sending those PDF quotations by email to the customer.

Development of this software took around two days and is a good example of a ‘starter’ database that can be developed further at a later date.

The image below shows the quotation entry screen. The users reaches this screen to enter data after selecting the customer name from a combo box (otherwise known as a drop down box). The software automatically assigns a new quotation number. The buttons at the bottom right of the screen allow users to save a PDF version of the quotation, and then either open it for printing, or email it to the email address stored in the software.

Labour Database – A Labour Costing and Tracking Tool used by a Norwich based Steelworks Firm.

The customer for this database runs a well established manufacturing business. After a business restructure, many staff are now being used as contractors rather than employees and so there is a greater requirement for transparency and tracking of labour.

The database we’ve designed is used to keep a track of the number of hours worked on a given manufacturing project. At any one time the users can see the following information:

  • How many hours a person has worked in a given period, and on which projects.
  • How many hours has been worked on a given project, and by whom.
  • What are the costs associated with those hours, and what payments have been made to those contractors.

The software also handles different hourly rates for the same individuals.

Purchase Order and Job Management Software – Norfolk Construction Firm

The customer, a local construction firm, won contracts to provide the snagging services on new build homes throughout East Anglia. The customer became so over-run with work they could not cope with a paper based system any longer and asked us to provide software to help them manage the most difficult aspects of their workload.

We immediately implemented a simple purchase order system which tracked purchases and then added a job management system.

This screen is used as a permissions list. The check boxes indicate of a given user is allowed to raise a purchase order or raise a new job.

The screen below shows incomplete work on the left hand side of the screen and includes key job information, including how many days the job has been ‘open’ for. On the right you can see a list of completed works and a note of how many days the job took to complete.

A separate button opens a report that shows which completed jobs have not been invoiced.

GBIS – Bespoke Solution / On-going Project

One of our biggest software solutions and very much an ongoing project, GBIS has started out as a system that will handle sales quotations, sales orders, order management (including ‘build queues’ for distributing work internally), despatch and invoicing. This particular software is centred around automation, management and streamlining the business process.

Below, the build queue shows a list of items that have been ordered by customers but have not yet been manufactured. The build queue is used to assign internal ‘build requests’ to members of staff so they can fulfil orders in a timely manner.

Below, the product selector is used to ‘pick’ items for a quotation. The database picks up that the customer has a default discount rate of 10% on the items, but there are none in stock.