Security / Offical Resellers of AVG, ESET and Sophos

If you are considering which security suite will protect your small business from the increasingly wide landscape of threats (online or internal) then please call us to today on 01603 781902 to discuss your needs. As officially recognised resellers of the AVG, ESET and Sophos range of security products we are well placed to offer the right security product for your business.

We offer a free and no obligation consultation for all small businesses throughout Norwich and Norfolk, during which we can discuss which vendor and which product is the best fit for your business.

AVG Authorised Reseller Norwich

Well Established User Base:
Since around 2005 we have been offering AVG security products into the domestic and business market and after ramping up business licencing we gained AVG Silver Level reseller status in February 2011 and just a month later we became Gold Level resellers. We first started reselling AVG security solutions because at the time we considered them a ‘lighter’ application than our previous preferred brand. As a result of this long term commitment to the AVG product we have considerable experience of the AVG home and business products and are well placed to offer advice on the pros and cons of AVG on your computer network.

Competitive Renewals:
At time of writing (September 2014) a very large portion of our customer base is running AVG and so if you are an existing customer running AVG or a new customer with an existing AVG installation then we’ll be happy to quote you for a licence renewal.

ESET Autorised Reseller Norwich

Greater Choice:

In an effort to offer a greater choice of security products to our customers, in Q3 2014 we became official resellers for the ESET range of Antivirus Software, Internet Security and Virus Protection products. For home users or businesses requiring protection for desktops, laptops, servers and smartphones, ESET can protect your devices and your data from cybercriminals.

For Home Users:
For home users, ESET offers a fast, unobtrusive all-in-one internet security suite that will keep you and your family safe from online threats and won’t slow down your computer. Choose from a wide selection of unique antivirus and internet security software products have been engineered to offer exceptionally fast protection to home users – which means online safety and security has never been more effective.

For Business Users:
ESET offers a comprehensive business internet security solution for company endpoints with multiple layers of protection including Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall and Web Control. ESET eliminates all forms of threats, keeping your network protected online and off. Remote administration enables centralised management from a single console.