Printer Repairs

We’ve supplied, installed and supported HP printers for many years and for the last few years we’ve been able to provide a servicing and repair service too.

If you need a repair or service on an HP LaserJet Printer or HP DesignJet Plotter, then you should call us now on 01603 781902.

You’ll need to tell us the model of the printer and the symptoms you are having. It is also helpful to describe any error messages you may have received.

HP LaserJet Printer and HP DesignJet Plotter Repair Service

It could be more cost effective to have your laser printer repaired and serviced rather than replaced. Besides the economic considerations, the environmental benefits of keeping existing printers going is an important one and having a printer repaired can also avoid the costs associated with installation of the new printer onto the computer network. Many laser printers can be collected, serviced, repaired, redelivered and reinstalled from £89 + VAT.

Inkjet Printer Repair

You are welcome to call us about repair of your inkjet printer but please bear in mind that it very often cheaper to purchase a new printer than it is to repair an ageing one. Many inkjet printers have built in obsolescence and in some cases the manufacturers will not provide spare parts.