We provide the Managed Remote Backup Service (“The Service”) subject to these terms:

Setup Fee

The Service attracts a one off Setup Fee of £49 + VAT.

Monthly Fee

You will be charged a flat fee of £23 per month which includes 10GB of backup space. Where backups exceed 10GB in size, we charge £1 per additional GB required.

Charge Cap

We will never charge more than £99 per month, whatever your backup requirement. This is ideal where clients have a large backup requirement.


We invoice at the end of each calendar month for the following months service. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate The Service if the invoice is not paid within 30 days of invoice date. This could include deletion of all your backups.

System Requirements

The installation, configuration and ongoing provision of The Service requires your file server to be switched on and permanently connected to the Internet. Provision of these requirements (including associated costs) is your responsibility entirely. You will be charged for The Service even if the target computer is powered off disconnected from the Internet.


You can terminate The Service at any time but no refunds will be given. Once The Service is terminated, your data will be deleted at noon on the day following termination.

Remote Access

To provide and manage The Service we require remote access to your file server. We will install remote control software on your server to achieve this.

Software Issues

We have never had a problem with The Service but in some circumstances a software installation may cause problems on the target computer.

We will do our best to anticipate or resolve such problems but we will not be held liable for those problems as they may be symptomatic of a badly configured computer rather than a problem with The Service.

Installation of the software that provides The Service will require at least two server reboots which may cause downtime for your users.

Encryption Key

During installation we create and use a secret encryption key which renders your data unreadable during transmission and storage. To protect you and to protect our other clients you will never be told this key.

Configuration of Backup Selections

Once the software is installed we will select which files to back up and will discuss the backup selections with you. Please note that this software is most suitable for backing up files such as documents, pictures, drawings, and so on. It is not suitable for backing up some types of data, for example SQL databases.

Timing of Backups

During the configuration of the software we will schedule the backup to start at a mutually convenient time. This is normally between the hours of 5PM and 7AM, and we may change this at any time.

Your First Backup

Soon after installation and configuration your first backup will start. Depending upon a number of factors (including the size of your backup selections and the speed of your Internet connection), the first backup may take several days to complete.

Because the first backup can take a considerable time to complete your files may change  while that first backup is in progress and therefore the first backup cannot be relied upon to give you an up to date recovery.

Even after the first backup has completed you are not fully protected by The Service until several more daily backups have been completed and are repeatedly successful.

Subsequent Backups

Subsequent backups will be scheduled to run once the first backup has been completed to our satisfaction. Putting very large files (e.g. films of 2 or 3 GB) into the backup folders can cause the backups to run for an extended period of time. Should this be the case, subsequent backups may fail until the over-running backup has been completed.

Backup Logs

The Service is fully managed and we receive daily backup logs. We will inform you if there is a problem with The Service that causes us concern. For example when users leave their computers on overnight, it is possible that open files may not be backed up.

Security, Confidentiality, Recovery Methods and Permissions.

The software which we use to provide The Service encrypts the data before sending it to our own backup server by use of a 256-Bit SSL Encryption Key. The data is therefore transmitted and stored in an encrypted format which is unreadable.

Once your data is stored on our server it can only be accessed by use of an access password, a server password and then the encryption key. Only our staff have access to these passwords and keys and only they can restore the backed up data.

While the backup logs do not contain any of your files they do contain the names of your files and these logs are readable by any of our staff and by any of your staff to whom we send the backup logs to. For example, if you have a file called ‘big and busty.gif’ or ‘freds redundancy package.doc’ staff will not be able to see the file itself but will be able to see the name of the file.

Recovery of your files can be made either by transferring files over the Internet to the computer of your choice or can be made by recovering to media such as CD, DVD, USB Stick or Hard Disk. If you ask us to perform a recovery we will normally do this by Internet transfer as it is more secure but for large recoveries you may prefer a media based recovery as it could be much quicker. If you require recovery to media then you will be charged for both the media used and your preferred delivery method which could be via Royal Mail, other courier or by delivery or collection in person.

200% Money Back Guarantee (Remote Backup Service Failures)

Should any of your backups fail as a result of a problem at our end (e.g. server failure, power outage or connection issue) then you will be entitled to a refund equivalent to 10% of your monthly service fees for each failed backup, subject to a maximum of 200% per calendar month. Backup failures that occur as a result of a failure at your end will not be refunded

Should we experience a major problem with one of our backup servers which causes us not to be able to perform at least three backups in a seven day period then this will be considered a catastrophic failure and we will provide you with the full 200% refund for that calendar month without question.

Refunds will be issued as credit notes against your account.