Our Managed Remote Backup Service includes the following features as standard:

On Site Installation

The software is installed on your file server during an on site visit. This is included as part of the £49 setup fee.

Regular Backup Reviews

Over a period of time your backup requirements may change. You can call us at any time to review your backup selections.

Twenty Off Site Backups

The Remote Backup package entitles you to twenty backups. In other words we will be able to recover files for you that are up to twenty days old without a problem.

Backup Logs Checked Daily

Even though the Remote Backup service is very reliable it is still important to make sure your backups are working effectively. We will check your backup logs on a daily basis – and if we find any problems we’ll let you know and take action if necessary.

10 GigaByte Storage Included

With Remote Backup you will only start to pay for additional storage charges when the amount of data stored on our server exceeds 10GB. Even then you’ll only pay an additional £1 per gigabyte each month.