Managed Services

We combine honest advice and quality computer support with a range of industry leading managed services. They include:

Managed Remote Control Service
Deploy remote control across your organisation with our managed remote control service. We’ll manage users, user rights and more.

Managed Remote Backup Service
Have your servers, desktops and off site equipment such as laptops and users home computers backed up fully and reliably. 30 days worth of backups available as standard.

Managed Microsoft Exchange Server
A fully fledged Microsoft Exchange Server for your business. This is not the cut down version offered as Microsoft Office 365 and so you’ll get public folders as standard.

Managed Systems Monitoring
Available as a standalone package or as part of a support package, we offer proactive systems monitoring which can alert you (or us) within 5 minutes of a systems fault

Small Business Web Site Hosting Plan
Ideal for small business with simple domain name, web site and email hosting requirements who wish to have a managed service.

For more details, please call us on 01603 781902.