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Does your business need new desktop computers or laptops? Are you are looking for a first server, or need an existing one replaced? Trust us to provide you with a reliable computer system. We supply Dell OptiPlex Computers and Dell PowerEdge Servers to small businesses throughout Norfolk. We think they’re reliable, cost effective and when professionally prepared are also fit for purpose.

Dell OptiPlex Desktops

Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell Precision Workstations

Dell PowerEdge Servers


FREE On-Site Consultation

If you need to purchase computer equipment but don’t know where to start, call us today to arrange a free and no obligation on-site consultation to discuss your requirements. To take advantage of the service please call us on 01603 781902.


3 Year Warranty as Standard

Generally speaking when we ship a Dell branded computer we have no concerns about its long term reliability. It is rare to see any hardware problem with a Dell machine although even when we do you can be confident of a prompt repair. All of the Dell OptiPlex and Dell PowerEdge systems that we sell are covered by a three year next business day manufacturers warranty as standard – so even if your system fails you can be up and running usually by the end of the next business day.


No Sales Patter

Get yourself down to PC World for advice and you’ll soon come out with an armful of IT equipment which you’ve bought from a friendly member of the purple-shirted sales team… but when you get it back to your office just ask yourself if that sales person has considerable experience in supporting small businesses. No? Even if that salesperson has spent a couple of hours with you discussing your business and your plans for the future – and even if you walked out of the store with exactly the right thing for your business – who will help when things go wrong? It will not be that sales person in the purple shirt.


Experienced Resellers

Back in the late nineties we started out by assembling our own range of computers and servers, but by 2001 we had learned from experience that custom built machines are generally less reliable than their factory manufactured counterparts. For that reason, we decided to supply Dell OptiPlex desktop computers,  Dell Latitude laptop computers, Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Precision CAD Workstations and we’ve never regretted it for a moment.


Cost Effective Computing

The systems we ship are not the cheapest on the market, but we do think they are the most cost effective. You might pay a little more for a Dell but it will arrive at your site fully prepared and ready for work – and because we make it a policy never to sell a low specification computer it will last for years.