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Dell Systems Supplied by Computer Support Norwich unaffected by Dell Security Hole

In the last couple of days we have seen reports in the media which relate to a security hole found on some Dell computer equipment. The security hole theoretically allows an attacker to spy on the owners’ online banking, shopping, webmail, and more. Of course the chances of an attack are slim, but there is

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We are delighted to announce that as of 24th November 2015 we are registered and officially authorised resellers of products. We have partnered with in order to access the entire product range of over 3000 products and offer lower priced computer products to our customers. We’ve already seen significant price benefits and already passed them

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We’re still protecting our customers hardware with SmartWater

Once again we have renewed our commitment to protecting our customers equipment with SmartWater. We’ve been applying this solution to much of the computer equipment we’ve supplied since 2011 and so those customers – new and old – can rest assured that your equipment is still traceable back to us in the event of loss

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Bonded DSL

If your business is in an area with poor connection options, but you need a faster internet connection, then you might find that Bonded DSL is the answer you have been looking for. Bonded DSL works by ‘bonding’ two, three, or four standard internet connections into a single connection. This obviously gives a speed that

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Rapport / IBM Trusteer Endpoint Protection Update Fries Windows

At two separate sites today we have seen the same thing – computers that have unexpectedly hung, and after a forced power cycle the PC fails to boot. We have diagnosed this to the installation of an update yesterday (17th June 2015) of the Trusteer Endpoint Protection product. The only solution we have found is to

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FREE Upgrade to 3 Year Protection on AVG Purchases

From now through the end of August, customers that purchase a two year license on any AVG Business Edition Product will receive a third year of updates at no additional cost. This offer applies to new licence purchases only (not renewals) that are made by close of business on August 31st, 2015. Once a 2

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Always Strive And Prosper

It’s always exciting to ‘be there’ at the beginning of a new business. It always brings back memories of what it’s like to start a business, how exciting the future looks and how many things there are to do that you never realised you needed to do. Back in the late nineties, worrying about domain

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Microsoft Office 2013 Feature Comparison & OEM Pricing

For those customers purchasing Dell OptiPlex PC’s or Dell Latitude Laptops from us we can offer Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 at a competitive ‘OEM’ price. Please view the comparison chart below to select the version that is right for you, or call us for help in selecting a

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We’re now Official ESET UK Resellers!

We are delighted to announce that as of 19th September 2014 we are now officially registered UK Resellers for the ESET range of Antivirus Software, Internet Security and Virus Protection products. Adding ESET security products to our portfolio allows us to offer a richer security choice for our home and business users alike. Please do watch this

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Important News about Newly Found USB Flaw

Here is our take on a newly found potential flaw in some USB devices which presents a distant but possible threat to your system: (Article with heated discussion about if this is a serious risk or not). (Seems to be the original research). Essentially there is a flaw in some USB devices which mean

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